‘A Most Wanted Man’ a film by Anton Corbijn

by Nefeli Brandhorst Kapernekas


A Most Wanted Man is a amazing film but a bit confusing for a 13 year old girl like me. The film is about a man named Issa Karpov (played by Grigori Eduardowitsch Dobrygin) who leaves Russia to come to Hamburg, Germany because he was being tortured in Russia and wants to get the money his father (a terrorist who has passed away)  has given to him.Annabelle Richter (played by Rachel McAdams) a lawyer for refugees who have been traumatized and want to start a new life helps him and becomes his lawyer. Annabelle Richter goes to a banker named Tommy Brue (played by Willem Dafoe) to get the testament of Issa Karpov’s father so that Issa Karpov can live in Hamburg. Thats where Günther Bachman comes in (played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman) and Erna Frey (played by Nina Hoss)two german espionage agents, that lead a team which seeks to develop intelligence from the local Muslim community the team has as well german actors. Günther Bachman is trying to catch a terrorist meanwhile named Dr. Faisal Abdullah (played by Homoayoun Ershadi) and has the son of him help him spy on him. Günther also gets involved with an american diplomatic (played by Robin Wright) to find out that she tricks him.

This film is a must see! While I was watching it it didn’t seem like a typical hollywood star film… it seemed real. I felt like I was in the cafe with them watching them speak. The film was reality and the acting couldn’t have been better. Once i watched the film I was really depressed about Hoffman’s death because before I didn’t appreciate his acting.