‘Rebecca’ a film by Alfred Hitschcock

by Nefeli Brandhorst Kapernekas

Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine in Rebecca

‘Rebecca’ is a drama-thriller film by Alfred Hitschcock made in 1940.

When a rich aristocratic man named Maxim de Winter meets a young naive women who’s name isn’t mentioned in the film  in Monte Carlo and gets married to her. The film is really about Maxim de Winter’s first wife Rebecca who dies and drowns in the sea. When the new wife of Maxim de Winter moves into the huge house, more like a castle, she meets the strange housekeeper Mrs.Danvers who had an obsession with Rebecca. The film is full of mystery and secrets which ends up leading the viewer to an unexpected surprise.

I only found out now reading wikipedia that Maxim de Winters (new) wife’s name was never mentioned. The actors are Joan Fontain playing the naive new wife, Laurence Olivier playing Maxim de Winter and Judith Anderson playing Mrs.Danvers.

I really enjoyed watching Rebecca and it has become one of my favorite films.